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1. How much do you charge?
The final price of a commissioned illustration / pattern design consists of two factors:

- Production cost, based on estimate time to complete the project. This also includes time for doing some changes after your revisions, since revisions are a necessary (and useful!) part of the creative process. I apply the same daily / hourly rate for every client.

- The usage of the illustration, a.k.a licensing. 
Keeping it simple: licensing fee is proportional to the usage of an illustration and represents its added value in a precise context. See also Licensing I section.

Production and licensing are independent and separated fees. A project may take a long time to complete for a limited final usage. For exemple, an in-house-only brochure with 50 illustrations for a company. On the contrary, another project could take only two days of production for a wide usage : think about one illustration for food packaging sold across an entire country.
2. How can I request a quote for my project?
Go to the CONTACT PAGE and tell me more about your project, including as many details as you can.
The questions below are a good starting point. That will help me provide a quicker estimate!

- How many illustrations do you need? At which size and format?
- What do you want to do with the illustration? Is it for a magazine, an advertising campaign, a greeting card, a website?
- Will you print the illustration on products (for example t-shirts, fabrics,  homewares…)? Do you know the retail price of those products? 
- Where will you use the illustration? Or where will you sell the illustrated product? (Your state, your country, many countries, worldwide)
- For how long do you need to use the illustration? (in months or years) 
- Do you have already a budget in mind?
- When is the deadline?

You will receive a first quote mentioning production fees and licensing fees.
3. Do you work “for hire”?
No, I'm sorry! Working “for hire” include losing the Copyright on my work and transferring it to the client. The client becomes legally the author of the work.
1. What does “licensing” means?
Licensing means, in simple words, renting a commissioned (or pre-existing) illustration or pattern design for a specific purpose. The legalese words for this are "be granted of rights" to do something. Maybe you would like to use an illustration for an article in a weekly magazine? Or for a corporate brochure with a print run of 5000 copies? Or using a pattern to print on party napkins?
Every detail of licensing is written on a so called Licensing Agreement, a contract that we both sign. Three factors are essential for every Licensing Agreement: time, media and geographical diffusion. In french law, that's called “cession de droits”.
2. How can I license an illustration or a pattern design?
You can pay a licensing in the form of royalties – a percentage on each item sold – or with a flat fee. It often depends on the industry, but all this detail will be stated in the Licensing Agreement. You can choose to license a pre-existing illustration / pattern chosen on my Licensing catalog  (coming soon!), or commission a new work. 
In the case of a commissioned work, the final price will include the production cost plus licensing (see Pricing 1. section).
3. I want to use your illustration without restrictions. How can I do?
No problem, this is possible! You can choose to use the illustration for an unlimited period of time, or on unlimited supports, or on unlimited geographical borders. Or also all of these three options at the same time. That's called “a buyout”. The licensing fee, in this case, will be pretty much higher than a standard, limited licensing.

Please note that a buyout is not a Copyright transfer. I will still retain the right of image ownership and I may use the image for self-promotion, for example on my portfolio.

how & where
1. How do I know that your style will be the right fit for me?
I invite you to take a look at MY PORTFOLIO. Does it have the vibe, the style you are looking for? If you see an illustration with a particular graphic style, a particular subject or a color palette that you especially like, please let me know when reaching out. 
2. How long does it take to complete a project?
It really depends on the number and complexity of illustrations: it can spread from 24 hours (for a single illustration), some weeks (for a brand identity project) to months (for an illustrated book). 

I always do my best to meet your deadlines, even if they are a bit tight! But remember also that the sooner you send feedbacks at every stage of the project, the quicker I can go on the design. The schedule of the project will be mentioned in our Licensing Agreement.
3. My business is based outside Europe. Can we still work together?
Yes, absolutely! We can schedule meetings on Skype, communicate by emails, send files with WeTransfer, share entire folders on Google Drive. 
Since I work in France, prices and fees are calculated in Euro (€).
4. What if I'm not satisfied?
At the start of every project, I will ask you to establish a creative brief (I can also provide suggestions or advice if you need some help). That will clearly set our goals and parameters of the project. The final illustration will never be a surprise since you'll be involved in each step, from the creative brief to sketches, until the final colored version. During every step, you'll have the time to make revisions and ask me some changes. 

However, if for any reason you change your mind during the project and decide to stop our collaboration, I can't provide any refund for the work already done during production (according to my daily rate). Of course, you will not pay the licensing fee, since you will not use the illustration.
technical information
1. What type of media do you use?
I usually do sketches on paper, because I find it more spontaneous and suitable for brainstorming on multiple ideas. After refining and cleaning sketches, the rest of my workflow (retouch, color) is almost fully digital, done in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
2. Which types of graphic files will you provide?
I work digitally most of the time, so depending on the media (print on paper, print on textile or objects, website, app) and following your specifications, I can easily provide both raster images (.tiff, .jpg, .png)  and vector images (.eps, .svg, .pdf): these details will be specified in our Licensing Agreement.
3. I also need source files with layers (in .psd or .ai format), could you send them to me?
Source or “native” layered files are my working tools to create my illustrations, and for this reason, I don’t usually deliver them to clients. Of course, in some cases (animation, patterns for textile) there are exceptions: CONTACT ME and let's talk about it!
what else?
1. I'm creating a small business: could you design my logo?
Sure! I'm not only an illustrator but also a visual designer. I can combine illustration and graphic design together to create a recognizable and unique brand identity. Take a look at MY DESIGN PORTFOLIO.
2. Do you take personal commissions?
Yes! I can work on your wedding stationery (SEE AN EXAMPLE), draw a family portrait or an illustration for a newborn.
3. Do you animate your illustrations?
Unfortunately not, at least for the moment! But I love doing GIFs :)
Still some doubt?
If something is unclear or you want to discuss a particular project,
don't hesitate to contact me.